Comics I be readin' and would recommend.

A truly adorable comic. Seriously, if I ever need cheering up, I go read some Catharsis. It's so rare to find something this consitantly entertaining.

A unique foray into the fairytales of old with a variety of tones ranging from humorous to dark. The writing is excellent and the art is truly striking.

I imagine life would be very difficult if one were randomly turned into a demon. But I suppose pyrokenesis heals all wounds. For me, this comic fills the hole that Sluggy left. It has the plot and the engaging quality that slowly fades from many other webcomics...yet it keeps that alive.

A great comic thats...well, sort of college life. Sort of. It harkens back to the subculture I ascribed to, I suppose. The Chthulu shoulder angel is still my favorite one. Plus, check out his moogle/lavos/buster sword Morrowind mods. They're crazy. And the Mog journal is hilarious, even if you havn't played the game.

A comic with a similar style to MacHall, for which it pokes fun at itself. But it does have it's own thing going on. I don't really use Macs, but I still find it entertaining. Besides, I doubt I'm going to find a comic about Amiga users.

You'd think life would be easier if you were a seer. Forcast for the day: slight chance of fish.

Revel in the insanity!

No. 2351 of Things Never To Do: get bonded to an intergalactic tyrant. Go. Read. Snarf milk.

This one's just starting up, so catch it while you can! Beautiful, beautiful artwork and a promising storyline.

A comic done by one of my college friends, though she has since graduated. She has her own little brand of humor, a trademark.

A little girl named God and her hand-me-down universe, Irving. Can it get much cuter?

A hilarious comic about a mad geneticist, Dr. Narbon, her geeky techie and bazooka weilding henchwoman. Enjoy their exploits with giant ur-gerbils, death rays, gender swapping, and coupons from Hell.

An online manga that adds an interesting twist to Babylonian mythology in the modern world.

Remember the olden days, back to the dawn of Final Fantasy? THE original? Well, even if you don't, this strip is for gamers everywhere. It WILL make you laugh.

Another gamer comic, but very good! And so true *sniff*. There are certain universal truths about console RPGs everywhere.

A witty fantasy comic involving past wars and ancient distructive powers Um. But this one's got adorable little floating balls of blackness! Anyway, it's very cute.

Slow to update, but always a good comic. Set in Japan, it reminds me a bit of Kenshin, but don't doubt that it's its own little story with its own unique flavor. Always good for a smile.

A semi-Victorian comic about a little girl who's just moved in with her cousin who runs a hotel for the occult.