, Mortality, by Eyochan. The first piece of him I've gotten!

Lauren's portrait of Aherne.

Lauren also brings us a heart warming moment with Keeva and Puck.

J Jones sent a little gift to Puck, it seems.

A great little sketch of the whole group done by Heather Kidd

Tamit done a-la-manga by William Adams

An anniversary gift after Mixed Myth's first year! Dragon-form Keeva and a sarcastic Aidan done by Emm.

A very confused Tamit, done by Teague Tysseling of The Adventures of Captain Mooki

A beautiful one of Keeva lounging over the side of a ship, done by Freyah

Aidan in mid transformation! Done by Caroline.

A nice, full-color image of Tamit bounding through the air done by Caroline.

Keeva and Puck with a firey background, done by Caroline.

A close up of Tamit, also by Caroline.

A happy lookin' Keeva done by Dragongirl.


Mixed Myth Desktop Theme
Heather Selbe did this one. It's a nice desktop theme of the Voice's introduction. Very thorough!

A beautiful greyscale of the whole group! It reminds me of one of those old photographs. Courtesy of Dirk Lockey.

It's Keeva! Courtesy of Celyne.

Keeva looks firey! Tamit looks really adorable, too. Courtesy of alex.

Niiiice job on blending photorealism with Mixed Myth's style. Courtesy of Catwings.

Keeva....and RICE! Gwahahahaw! Courtesy of Bluefishofchaos.

Tamit bathin'! Courtesy of Jaer.

Aw, they're so cute at that age. Courtesy of MadamFox.

Puck meets an odd little it the Dragon? Bwahahaw! Courtesy of Pancakes.

Tamit, full scale! Courtesy of Teo.

The only way to get Puck to move sometimes. Of course, that's only if he's concious. Courtesy of Eliza.

Mixed up like mixed nuts! Courtesy of Syrcin.

Puck and Keeva, together. Courtesy of N Chan. gif form! Courtesy of Sarah.

Colorful li'l Tamit..awww. Courtesy of Caroline.