Below are links to places that rock. See the links, poke the links.

Wow. A fantastic online series done with flash animation. The creme de la creme. Well written, dramatic, mysterious...I'd explain the plot, but all is not fully revealed. WELL worth a look, if your browser can take flash.

An absofudgin'lutly huge conglomerate of fantasy and sci fi art galleries spanning all levels of skill. They also have an area reserved for fanart, and one reserved for written pieces.

Another conglomerate of sci fi/fantasy/anime galleries. This one is very picky about what they accept, such that almost all of the stuff you'll find is professional quality. However, this also means that they exclude some very good pieces since it's extremely subjective.

1000 journals
A brilliant idea. Get 1000 journals, have people sign up to recieve one of said 1000 journals. Have people draw, write, spill their creativity into the pages of journal and send it to the next person.